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Automate SOAP client auto-generation routines with WSDL import for SBT and Scala

If you are tired of looking for good SOAP/WSDL manual or working with modern languages and don’t want to deal with legacy web services stack, check out this guide. It tells how to automate WSDL client classes generation and avoid committing boilerplate WSDL code to the repository. All done with Java native tooling and SBT and works fine for Scala and other JVM-based languages.

Bring your favourite fonts to reports running in Docker

Ever faced issues with broken fonts in the reports, or got tired from your JVM ignoring OS fonts installed? Learn how to combine all the pieces of microservices reporting puzzle together in this article. We go through the basics of installing custom fonts for Java and try making a use of them for real JasperReports generated from your favourite microservices.

Reading Lined JSON files with Java 8

Sharing my recent experience of figuring out how to handle Lined JSON (or, IJSON) format in Java. Read the article to learn more about this fancy format, go through the quick Java code example to read lined JSON and think a bit more when such formats could be useful.

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